Doing Fintech in Lithuania

Our ambassador for the Baltic countries - Stanislav Anashkov - shared with us valuable materials on Fintech in different markets. We publish the first review about Fintech in Lithuania in our telegram channel .

Lithuania is the second largest Fintech hub in Europe after the UK in terms of the number of issued electronic money licenses, licenses for payment companies and banking licenses for special purposes. There are more than 210 fintech companies on the Lithuanian market, and the growth in the number of fintech startups year on year is over 30%.

In terms of ease of doing business, Lithuania ranks 11th among 190 countries. At the same time, the country is # 1 - as the most attractive market for startups in general, and # 4 for Fintech startups.

Fintech startups in Lithuania are represented in all key segments - payments and transfers (the share of these startups in the market is 37%), startups developing financial software applications (10%), neobanks (8%), online financing and P2P lending (8%) and consumer lending (8%).

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